In Resident, the perpetrators of the scheme of take-over in Occupant start a two pronged offensive- one to exact revenge for their losses and one to establish a veil of deception to cover their identities.  A secret strike force is formed and trained in the Costa Rican Jungle to act swiftly and independently of the Central Intelligence Agency. Tom and Michelle Larson’s son Michael becomes part of the team. A Czech drug and prostitution ring is hired as muscle in a Baltimore attack. The strike force tracks them back to Philadelphia. A golf outing at Cooer d’Alene, Idaho could hold the key to the identity of the resident conspirator in the CIA. Back at the Agency, the head of IT is fighting the company’s desire to install snooping software aimed at ordinary citizens. His frustrations and sense of morality take him to the other side. Things get out of control. Resident, the second of the Compromised Agency Trilogy brings the awakening of the CIA to the reality of a resident traitor. Battles are fought on American soil. An increasingly dense web of deception is spun. Hearts and bodies are broken.

Resident is in queue to be published in the fall of 2015.

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