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In Occupant, a middle aged couple heads to the gulf coast of Florida for a month of vacation.  The house they rent belongs to an intelligence officer on a temporary assignment.  A young Russian shows up at the house, looking for the officer, wanting revenge. Mistakenly he attacks the occupants of the house, but his opportunities are squandered. Behind the scenes, the attack is a tactic being used to maintain intelligence funding in a post iron curtain world. As the plot expands the reader is drawn into a web of deception. In northern Virginia, the amateurs join forces with the professionals to hunt the interlopers down. Occupant is the first of the Compromised Agency Trilogy. The reader meets the characters, learns of the plots and sub-plots, experiences the initial skirmishes, celebrating the wins and grieving the losses.

Occupant is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is being published by Keith Publishing.

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One thought on “Occupant

  1. Robert Smith

    About halfway through Occupant. Quality writing and original ideas make this easily as good as anything in its genre.


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