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I grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC., worked for Weaver’s violin shop building the not so famous Stradagarious violins. I was offered an apprenticeship at a violin shop in Cremona, Italy, in spite of my blasphemy, but instead took a job with the Washington Post. I grew to love writing while at the Rochester Institute of Technology, getting a degree while working, taking summer classes, compliments of the Post. I worked as Production Director at a daily subsidiary of the Washington Post company. While there, I wrote a section for the paper on the history of printing for their 100th anniversary. By then I was hooked on writing. I am currently under contract with Keith Publishing.




I played tennis in high school. Those were the days when the shorts were short and the socks were long.  I still love the game, and like the clothes much better now. I played in a community USTA doubles team that went to the nationals in Las Vegas, where we placed third. It was a blast- Halloween weekend in Vegas!

I’ve experienced the social world of Baltimore’s inner harbor with a great group of friends from the Canton Kayak Club.  Some of us expanded our weekends to include long bicycle rides.  We got a group together for the 5 boroughs of NY ride and just completed the riverside tow path from Cumberland to Washington, DC along the Potomac River. (It’s 185 miles, but it’s kind of downhill.) This picture from New York shows why I have been such a dominant net player.


Still standing



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